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Jaina Bhagavati Sutra of 5th century AD mentions that Purulia was one of the sixteen ‘MAHAJANPADS’ and was a part of the kingdom known as Vajra-Bhumi in ancient times. So it can be imagined that this part of our state with undulating land and scattered hills has a very age old connection and role in the process of development of civilization of our nation. With a vast area of 284.90 sq km and a noticeable ecological diversity, the Jhalda-II Dev. Block situates 37 km away from the District Head Quarter and connected with Purulia town by Purulia-Ranchi Road. Geographically it forms the lowest step of the Chhotonagpur plateu. The tribal people with their simplicity, enriched folk culture and the ‘palash’, ‘mahua’ forests surrounding the beautiful dams attract the common people and the tourists. Keeping pace with the use of modern technology, the block administration has decided and finally completed the dream of developing a website. The credit goes to all the officers and staffs of Jhalda-II Dev. Block who felt the necessity of such a window for displaying their sincere efforts in the administrative set up and tried hard to shape the website as it is now. The web-site has brought all the Govt Offices at Block level; their objectives, functions and achievements under one umbrella. I hope that this proactive disclosure of information will aware and strengthen the common people and will bring transparency in the day to day official works.


Gram Panchayat

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